Hollywood Principle – “Find Me Out”

hollywood principle

The gentle synth trickles and serene vocals help make “Find Me Out” a piece of rainy-day brilliance. Like atmospherically stirring trip-hop groups in the vein of Massive Attack, Hollywood Principle are extremely adept at juggling captivating structural maneuvers with atmospheric brilliance and hooks. The San Diego-based electronic group formed in 2013 by Mike Ault, Elliott Sencan, and Kayla Hope. “Find Me Out”, their first single, is a smashing success. Inspired by the likes of Porter Robinson and Florence and the Machine, “Find Me Out” is a memorably infectious listening experience that incorporates Ault’s production experience and Sencan’s songwriting abilities.

Back to the track itself, the “drop” of sorts – at 01:04 – is a thrilling moment that will certainly inspire plenty of remixes. On its own, it’s a riveting piece of dance-pop; I love the squiggly lead synth adorned underneath the anthemic vocals. Transitioning back to rainy-day minimalism, a powerful synth arpeggio leads the second set of verses. Impressively enough, this track is able to transition from somber solitude to infectiously upbeat dance, sort of like Grimes’ new track “Go”. The track is good indication that their debut EP Starting Over, which is produced by Alejandro Barajas and will be released this spring, will be a successful one.


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