The Vigilance Committee – “Set the Pacific On Fire”

vigilance committee

Long Island-based quartet The Vigilance Committee shows their impressive ability to alternate between trickling melodic power-pop and dexterously forceful math/prog-rock throughout “Set the Pacific On Fire”, the first track off their new full-length, Exit a Hero. The track begins with a combustible assortment of fastidious guitar lines reminiscent of Weezer’s heyday, with a vocal presentation more akin to the fervent post-punk revivalism of a group like ¡Forward, Russia!. In this aforementioned fusion, Ozma also comes to mind.

The track gripped me and never let go, making for an incredibly captivating and energetic listen. It’s all capped off by a beautifully executed lush acoustical folk-driven lullaby of sorts, showing a flash of The Vigilance Committee’s stylistic reach. For many, it will make them want to listen to the rest of Exit a Hero — and for good reason. Stream it in full below:

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  1. Just listened to the first song there – these guys are excellent. Loving their sound. Will definitely have to try out that full album. Thanks so much for sharing!

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