Everyday Life – “Some Nerve”

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With tracks like “Shadow Chateau” and “Want to Want“, Blue Plutos was one of the most promising new groups I came across last year. The NYC/Boston-based group produced a tripped-out brand of indie-rock that gravitated toward droopy twangs and lush melodic fixings, their tracks resembling an enjoyably melodic crawl through atmosphere and hooks. Now, one of Blue Plutos’ members – Tyler Agnew – has a project of his own: Everyday Life. With a few previously released albums also available on his Bandcamp, the project’s newest album is a six-track release called Cycles.

While all of its tracks are quality, I’m particularly fond of the playfully serene “Some Nerve”, where Agnew’s psych-laden vocals glide gracefully over acoustic flutters and a spacey synth pad; it can’t help but remind me of lush spacey Smashing Pumpkins efforts in the vein of “Obscured“. Blue Plutos efforts have reminded me of SP in the past, so it’s nice to see that very favorable comparison is continuing in Agnew’s solo material. He has a gift in creating lush atmospheres with a colorful variety of pleasant melodic shifts, exemplified on this track and others, like the punchier “Spinning Wheels”.

Stream the entirety of Cycles below:

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