Ninth Floor Mannequin – “The Company”

ninth floor mannequin absences

Last month I posted Ninth Floor Mannequin’s excellent track “Absences“, a hypnotic gem featuring crisp guitars and a bustling post-punk feel. Captivated by the track, I’ve kept returning to it alongside the other two tracks on its eponymous EP. “The Company” is another track from the release worth pointing out, as it displays a more contemplative pace and spaciousness that illustrates Jarrod Pedone’s knack for cinematic soundscapes and tightly-woven post-punk rhythms alike. The verses are a moody crawl, with a hypnotic clacking percussion combining with reverbed guitar effects and Pedone’s lush voice. The chorus’ section – beginning with “it’s only fair the company lead us in prayer” – maintains that relaxed pace, though with more instrumental and percussive pulses alongside overlapping vocal layers to result in a tidily constructed hook. “The Company” is another solid offering from Ninth Floor Mannequin.

Another cool bit is that Pedone has mapped out the creative process for this track, pictures and all, right here. Definitely worth a read.

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