People Flavor – “There Isn’t”

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Back in 2013 I was impressed by a submission from The Gloss, whose sound combined the sleek punchy garage-rock of The Strokes with the trashy drugged-out glam touch of Suede’s Dog Man Star era. I didn’t hear much beyond their track “Words“, but their sound made me very intrigued nonetheless. I haven’t heard much from them since, until now. Still a four-piece based in LA, The Gloss are now People Flavor. The band’s killer new track “There Isn’t” is off their upcoming debut album Words, which I wonder will include a re-done version of the same-titled track featured in ’13. Either way, I’m really looking forward to it; People Flavor retains the garage/glam hybrid of The Gloss, but with a more refined production and delivery that results in a smashing success. Glad to see that they’re back at it.


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