Human Eyes – “I Might”

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The Wind’s 2011 album Harum Scarum was one of my favorite user submissions in this site’s nine-year history. The double-album was surprisingly accessible despite its length, thanks to a sound that masterfully merged the classic-rock theatrics of ELO and later-era Beach Boys with a haunting modern pop edge. So first things first, take a listen to that fantastic album here.

I hadn’t heard from The Wind since 2011, so was delighted to find a message from member Chad Marshman with some new material, via his new project Human Eyes. “I Might” is a suavely cinematic slice of nocturnal pop; the guitar twangs, softly spoken French interludes, and weeping string-like synths cast a magical feel upon the track, in a way that would make Bryan Ferry proud.

It’s hard to tell what Human Eyes will turn into at this point, but if “I Might” is any indication it brings much of the brilliance of Marshman’s first project, with even more atmospheric power.

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