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The whispered vocals, hypnotic synth-bass, and seductive hi-hat production make “BootyPop” a drawing listen from the beginning. The creators, El Paso-based Add Agency, draw from both the evolving electronic soundscapes of LCD Soundsystem and the idiosyncratic dark allure of Bowie. The project’s lead visionary, Will Mora, manages to acknowledge his various influences within a modern scale, bridging the gap between nostalgic electronica and time-irrelevant guitar-rock, which shows itself just before the two-minute mark of “BootyPop”. At this point the whispered vocals remain, but the guitars add a fiercely successful layer to the already-hypnotic vocal/synth-bass composition preceding it.

Add Agency show a very fascinating sound that fans of ’80s electro/classic-rock hybrids will probably take a liking to. Stream the group’s new album, Gemstone Radar, in full below:

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