Cat Clyde – “Like a Wave”

cat clyde

Cat Clyde is an emerging artist from London, Ontario who produces an invigorating hybrid of the blues and jazz. “Like a Wave” is a single off of her newly released album Ivory Castanets.

It’s a playful bluegrass track mixed with a haunting atmosphere and riveting vocal presence reminiscent of Rilo Kiley. Cat’s voice is strikingly full, yet with the twang of her guitar, and lyrics like “I feel my soul is sitting on a dock looking at the endless sea//Hoping somehow you are sailing back to me” her music can leave you feeling hollow – in a good way. Her voice is soulful and mystically nostalgic; if you close your eyes, you can nearly see a saloon door opening up with Cat Clyde playing on stage. “Like a Wave” is a time-traveling experience of a track that shows Cat Clyde’s enormous strengths as a singer and songwriter.

Stream the rest of the gorgeous Ivory Castanets below:

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