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The Sleepwalkers – “Cocaine”

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The Sleepwalkers is a trio from Richmond, VA. They came about simply; after lunch at a Burger King one day, they decided it was time to create some deliciously poppy music. The result is an extremely contagious vein of upbeat rock/pop with homages to ’70s psychedelia and classic-rock. Names like The Kinks, Peter Gabriel, and John Cougar are mentioned as influences; the loose psych-pop feel of The Kinks and Gabriel’s occasional penchant for worldly and tropical-minded compositions are both evident at points.

“Cocaine” is an infectiously catchy and buoyant single off of their new album Greenwood Shade. The song’s primary sentiment (to chill out) – “everybody needs just a little cocaine,” manages to draw a relatively dark contrast to other pop hits, but adds depth to a cotton-candy melody. The lushly sanguine appeal of the melody combined with the drug-induced plea is well-maneuvered, from the rollicking beginnings to the abrupt ending. The track emulates the very drug it is exulting throughout; tight guitar build-ups and a swiftly smooth bass line guide the upbeat vocals. Fortunately for the listener, there is no crash at the end of this high; the song ends just as quickly as it comes in. I haven’t been this excited to hear someone sing about cocaine since the Clapton classic.

Stream the rest of Greenwood Shade below and buy it on Bandcamp:

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