TOPAZ – “Lies”


TOPAZ is a 22-year-old Chicago native churning out colorfully atmospheric psych-pop gems. His new EP, Phrases, is a very impressive collection of six tracks that tout TOPAZ’ forte, which on the opener “Lies” shows itself as opening with fluttering acoustics, lush vocals, and distant twinkles – before evolving into a stunning psych-pop eruption; it’s an enjoyable structural and stylistic trend throughout the release. The evolution to the second, absolutely gorgeous section on “Lies” hits right at the two-minute mark, where TOPAZ’ vocals are looped over the introduction of a tropical-tinged synth lead and subsequent fluctuating vocal pitches. It’s a masterful production, one with a vibrant soundscape not far removed from acts like Air France and Avalanches — high complements indeed.

Frankly, the release as a whole is stunning. From the reflective playful vocals on “Take After You” collaborating gorgeously with the slick guitars and synth warbles, to the Washed Out-esque chillwave exploration on “Singa” (with a wonderful touch of sophisti-pop toward the end) — Phrases is a masterful EP. Stream it in full and purchase it here, and check out some more highlights below:

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