Posted December 17, 2015 by Melyssa Mineo in Tracks

Ula Ruth – “Strung Out”

ula ruth music

Ula Ruth is a quartet based out of New York. The band mixes elements of alternative rock with punk-rock undertones, all while maintaining a shimmering hook-laden sound with passionate vocals and versatile soundscapes.

“Strung Out” is a single off their new album Fever, due out in January 2016. A sort of serene tension builds up between each chorus through a combination of percussive pit-pattering and gentle guitar lines. It aptly exudes a strung-out feel, the enjoyable contrast between sparse verse and shimmering chorus providing for an excitingly comparative effect. The increasingly raspy and withering vocals during the final chorus provides a great punch, as well. The placement of lyrics like “You are a drug and this is strung out love,” bring forth reminiscence of heroin-chic era rock, though Ula Ruth pursue more effervescent stylistic routes and guitar tones that give it a modern rock feel.


Melyssa Mineo