Boy From The Crowd – “All I Need”

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We featured Boy From The Crowd’s bluesy rocker “Revelator” last year, noting how singer/songwriter/guitarist Vinny Piana packs a fierce lead reminiscent of Nick Cave or The Fall’s Mark E. Smith, with a similarly interesting take on stylistically eclectic songwriting. Influences like Robert Johnson and Jon Spencer mingle with rock and punk-laden influences to result in a fervently modern sound on that track and “All I Need” as well, a 5+-minute effort that’s raucous throughout (though with a vocal-only interlude just before the three-minute mark that preps listeners well for the final few minutes).

The shift in guitar tone around 03:40, from distorted chaos to lush classic-sounding licks, is a particularly savvy moment that shows Piana’s songwriting chops in a bright light. The final two minutes of “All I Need” are highly impressive and exciting, which after a snarling several-minute build-up culminates in all one could ask for in terms of variety and all-out excitement, producing a sorta-hybrid of Brit-pop, blues, and alternative. Stream the group’s Where the bees come to die EP below, in addition to this track’s music video here:

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