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Memoryy – “Don’t Fear the Reaper” (cover)


Memoryy transforms Blue Oyster Cult’s classic into a cowbell-less version full of dark electro-pop mystique, resulting in a very successful “Don’t Fear the Reaper” cover. Shaun Hettinger (Memoryy) re-discovered his own take on the track during a move to Santa Fe; he stumbled across an old hard drive containing a mixtape he made for designer David Quinn’s NYC Fashion Week show that year. “I wanted to unearth the darkness beneath that now infamous cowbell. In fact, my version lacks a cowbell entirely,” Shaun says. The finished product is certainly worthy in its own right beyond a background mixtape; Memoryy’s finger-snap percussion, swirling synths, and hypnotic vocals make for the best type of cover – one clearly inspired by the original, but not close to being a direct copy.

Note: Memoryy is or was represented at some point by Obscure PR, which is affiliated with Obscure Sound.

Also: Memoryy – “All My Love”

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