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“Probably Good” is a smoothly nostalgic burst of suave infectiousness, its general direction reminiscent of The Style Council’s eclectic jazz/funk/soul stylings. The comparison makes sense from a stylistic and era-specific standpoint, as Wellman’s name will feel familiar to fans of the Brand New Heavies; he played various brass and keyboards on that group’s debut. I personally love the period of The Style Council and Brand New Heavies, who touted a certain British suaveness over a deliciously lush production polish heavy on brass and keys. This track is an absolute delight in that vein, a nostalgic mid-tempo gem propelled by charismatic vocals and a smoothly impeccable melodic flow on Wellman’s production/songwriting end.

I’m really looking forward to some similar sounds throughout Wellman’s upcoming album Dawn to Dusk, out February 29th. The album serves as a social commentary “viewed through perspectives of human psychological evolution, and analysis of mass communication and propaganda” — delivered suavely and infectiously, for sure. Wellman considers it the best work of his career, so be sure to make note of it if you’re digging this.

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  1. Many thanks for the review. One thing though,the main vocal on this track was by Tara from Studiopros.com not Judy who is on the track Lucy on The Album.

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