Standing Ovation (SO) – “Nelly”


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SO (Standing Ovation) produce an oddly infectious form of organic hip-hop that reminds of both Andre 3000’s charisma and the spaced-out intensity of Odd Future’s beats. Consisting of Virginia-based producer Bronze Baby Shoes and LA-based vocalist/lyricist The Character, the duo describes their sound as “Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow Chemical Company.” Fair enough; “Nelly” certainly sounds like a trip, with the occasional addition of a suave electric guitar riff over the lulling synth pad indeed sounding like an homage to Andre. The vocals are intense and focused, the hypnotic vocal repetition, hip-hop verses, and anxious additions all working in their own unique way.

Stream the rest of their release, Echo Park, below:

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