Flaunt – “Restraint”


flaunt restraint

Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito comprise the project FLAUNT, formed via social media. Their first album, CODON, was “mainly instrumental turntablism”, with Jennings’ vocal and guitar additions adding to a standout sound. Their most recent project aims to enhance the sounds of CODON with lyrical content and more engaging song structures, implementing both electronic and organic sounds throughout the 18-track release entitled RAVE NOIR.

A released track from RAVE NOIR, out March 18th, begins with an ominous dystopian synth pad, barren-sounding in its enveloping creepiness. Exotic chimes coincide with vocals and bouncy percussion after the one-minute mark, with crunchy guitars and various vocal layers combining for a focus on swampy rock. The progression from electronic ambience to crunchy rock is well-done, a preview of the group’s intended versatility throughout their upcoming release.

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