Melina Duterte – “Peach Boy”

Jay Som

Melina Duterte is a Bay Area-based dream-pop artist. Her new track “Peach Boy” is a gorgeous hodgepodge of styles from the early ’00s. The hazy atmosphere hovers over Arcade Fire-like anthemic exultation and enthusiastic bass lines akin to No Doubt’s take on infectious new-wave These various elements come together over relaxed psych-rock guitar riffs and steady percussion that create a lost-in-a-daydream vibe. The track gradually trails off with a steady drum beat and reverbing eerie vocal layering. With its hints of yesteryear, “Peach Boy” sounds simultaneously nostalgic and glowingly new.


  1. I think that’s the collective she’s in, but the track was submitted to me under Melina’s name only.

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