Show Clothes – “Pool Party” (ft. Gavriella)


show clothes

Show Clothes is a 27-year-old Chicago-based producer with an exceptionally astute grasp of infectious electro-pop, thanks in part to his extensive remixing past. Initially starting out in 2011 under the alias Scifer, making instrumental tunes akin to Tycho and Bonobo, the then-remix-focused Show Clothes project was born two years later. “I produced hip-hop and house remixes of classic acapellas – Pharrell, Mariah Carey, and T-Pain to name a few,” the producer explains. “Unfortunately, my account was removed at the end of last year because SoundCloud’s new policies identified my remixes as copyright infringement.”

Yet rather than scrap the project or ditch Soundcloud, Show Clothes wisely decided to use his abilities to head in a new direction: making entirely original tracks: “Despite my initial bitterness, I decided to use this as an opportunity to create original content. Following is my first song, collaborating with the exceptionally talented Gavriella, on a project that bridges genres.” Indeed, “Pool Party” is a wonderfully lush creation; Gavriella smoothly entrancing vocals are the perfect accompaniment to Show Clothes’ polished production, which starts with synth pads, fluttering keys, and bird sounds before the percussion kicks in. When it does, the track’s aquatic-minded journey – with various synth trickles and a peacefully submerged feeling – is fully launched, revealing the immense beauty of a track that effectively combines various dance and synth-laden styles.

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