Sleepwreck – “Take It Apart”


sleepwreck music

climactic percussion and anxious bass-synths envelop the soundscape as the track begins, creating a rather unsettling but melodically precise effect that leads well into the highly distorted vocal effect around the one-minute mark. When the lead vocals actively emerge around 15 seconds later, the pitch-distorted effect and relatively anthemic croon reminds of The Knife’s production eccentricities, as well as the darkly unpredictable creative functions of Aphex Twin; this comparison is particularly evident in the 30-second synth solo starting just before the two-minute mark. This synth sound combines with the vocal elements during the track’s final section, finalizing the unsettling but well-done atmosphere in “Take It Apart”. It’s a stellar result from Canadian alt-electronic artist Sleepwreck.

Mike Mineo

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