Gibberish – “Rudedude”

gibberish rudedude

“Rudedude” is a fantastic new track from psych-pop duo Gibberish, whose 2015 full-length Winter Coat stands as one of the finest records of the year. Derek and Lorie Bromley showcased their evident ability on standouts like “Colonies” on that album. On their newest track – “Rudedude” – they showcase their most effervescent and soaring delivery yet. Western-y guitar twangs and a crunchy percussive accompaniment guide the dreamy, Panda Bear-like vocals in the introduction, with the addition of a prancing retro key-laden melody helping lead into the reprise. Swirling synths encompass the latter sections, the warm spacious guitars remaining constant throughout in their lush backing.

In addition to the superb new track, Gibberish released a video for “Rudedude” as well, with aptly psychedelic images that make the already-hypnotic track even more consuming:

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