Half/Brother- “Waiting for the Rain”

half brother music

On first listen, “Waiting for the Rain” from New York-based singer-songwriter Half/Brother (aka Adam Kryzan) has a sense of innocence. But the past five years have been particularly unstable for Kryzan, who has moved from various cities, in the process leaving friends and family behind. The singer described this period as a time when, “[he] found [himself] a long way from home, and an observer and outsider in a world [he] was all of a sudden struggling to understand.”

With this in mind, “Waiting for the Rain” feels more wistful for a time that has come and past. The airy guitars lean more melancholy and resemble a cloudy day. “I’ve seen the sun fade, but I won’t run,” he sings here. After all that moving around and transience, Kryzan sounds ready to settle down. His style touts a gentle twang and caressing vocals that make it immediately accessible, despite additional depth to uncover with additional listens.

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