Spine of Man – “Vampires”

Spine of Man is a power-pop trio from Copenhagen, Denmark, with multiple influences within the same realm showing between verse and chorus; while the

Brand New Moon – “Icaro”

“Icaro”, from London trio Brand New Moon, pursues an invitingly exotic route from the get-go, with the sound of bird chirping leading into lush

Baron & Byrne – “Silver Beetle”

Despite the two names, Baron & Byrne is actually the moniker for one Joe Doris, a London-based singer-songwriter. “Silver Beetle” showcases Doris’ haunting harmonies,

Blahvocado – “Gold Park”

Blahvocado is the nom de plume of Matt Pignatore, who writes and records everything in his apartment in Burlington, Vermont. The music itself may



Hip-hop instrumentals meet alternative rock on “I Want” from West Texas quartet ANiMALSOUL. The disparate combination feels natural and refreshing here, primarily due to

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