Posted March 21, 2016 by Andy Belt in Folk

Kyle Meadows – “Low Time Call”

kyle meadows music

It’s amazing sometimes what someone with only an acoustic guitar can do. Look back at Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, or the past decade or two alone – ranging from Elliott Smith to Dashboard Confessional. Charleston, West Virginia native Kyle Meadows falls more in line with the latter, as he pens emotional acoustic ballads that bring his airy vocals to the forefront, with an angsty yet somber edge reminiscent of The Wrens as well as a charming pop sensibility of Coconut Records, pleasantly apparent just before the two-minute mark during the guitar-led instrumental.

To be fair, “Low Time Call” doesn’t just feature a sole guitar, but rather delicate layers of the instrument (along with some sparse electric keyboard effects). But at its core, the track revolves around Meadows’ lyrics in a way that might evoke alt-folk forebearers Death Cab For Cutie or Bright Eyes. Look out for this rising talented singer/songwriter.

Andy Belt