Loud Forest – “Drag Me/Don’t Drag”


loud forest music

Los Angeles indie-rock duo Loud Forest play to each other’s strengths, and this should come as no surprise; the band’s members, Rachel and Bernard Chadwick, have been composing music together for a decade. Despite this being their newest project, Loud Forest sounds remarkably self-assured and fresh. On “Drag Me/Don’t Drag”, Bernard takes the lead while Rachel harmonizes with him over a bright jangly guitar and rolling drums. The track meshes the male and female vocals in a style that recalls Grouplove, except Loud Forest eschew pop conventions for guitar solos and a massive sound that grows larger as the track progresses. Additionally, the charismatic guitar-and-vocal approach is reminiscent of groups like Deerhunter, Love Is All, and The Pixies – and very fondly so.

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