The Slow Sliders – “I Know It’s You”

slow sliders music

If “I Know It’s You” is any indication, The Slow Sliders take their name to heart; the group from Lesneven, France craft a jangly shade of indie-rock cool that’s immediately likable and gripping. The track floats along languidly on the back of a mid-tempo beat that features some fancy drum work and impressive vocals. The opening track on Musique de Fon, an EP they released last year, “I Know It’s You” reveals the group’s modus operandi immediately: this group is here to hang out and take the day as it comes. With the Slow Sliders around, hurrying isn’t even an option. And with a band that gels together this well, why would you want to go anywhere?

Stream another one of the band’s solid efforts, “Hundred Cubes/Thousand Ways”, below:

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