Vandfald – “Abigail”

vandfald oregon

“Abigail” begins lushly and infectiously, with a serene voice accompanying gentle key trickles and jangly guitar reverberations. The guitar segment around 00:50 is a nicely angular bridge to the ensuing verse, which rues intelligently on procrastination. The piano-laden bridge around 01:40 is excellently maneuvered as well. The vocal uptick in the “don’t let life be drowned” line in the chorus adds nicely to a very solid hook, reminding me fondly of the group Ghosty. The crunchier guitar tones toward the track’s conclusions show a more rock-oriented edge that’s nicely fitting as a finale, capped off by the melodic guitar crawl in the final half-minute.

This Oregon-based quartet also has a slew of other solid tracks released this year, including “Firemouth” and “Progress”:

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