WiseProof – “More More More More”


wiseproof rap

Wiseproof crafts a futuristic vein of hip-hop that blends spacey atmospherics with a furiously excitable range of deliveries, ranging from Dizzee Rascal-like griminess to fast-paced technical fervor reminiscent of Run the Jewels. His new track “More More More More” is a particularly impressive demonstration of this, comprised of spacey synths, climactic stutters, and a hypnotic core beat. References to his style have spanned from “Galactic Trap” to “Future Psy”, which makes sense considering its expert implementation of EDM. “I can get right in the pocket with all the popular rap styles out right now, but when you hear me you can tell that I’m naturally on a plateau and dimension that transcends the swag I’m presenting,” he says. “All the time I’m just waitin’ to tap a frequency that inspires a musical manifestation of that transcendence!”

Mike Mineo

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