Funeral Suits – “Tree of Life”

funeral suits

On first listen, you might mistake “Tree of Life” for a track by Animal Collective. The airy, spacious vocals are easy to mistake for AC’s own, but when the track’s chorus drops there’s no mistaking that Dublin-based quartet Funeral Suits have a sound all their own. The booming, arena-ready drums during the refrain recall rock-pop bands like Imagine Dragons and Awolnation (particularly the latter with their heavy electro leanings), making Funeral Suits a generally more approachable effort by these comparative standards. As far as the verses go, it’s reminiscent of the swirling pop displayed throughout Merriweather Post Pavilion, but with a more thunderous and conventionally accessible pull during the chorus, propelled by involved percussion and loopy synth arpeggios.

“Tree of Life” is dramatic and tribal-sounding in its hypnotic power, treading a fine line between electro-pop experimentalism and immediate radio-friendly hooks. In its core, the track is brimming with urgency and armed to the teeth with infectious moments throughout. Those initial Animal Collective comparisons are unavoidable, but as the track progresses the group shows their own approach very powerfully and thoughtfully.

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