Grado – “Where to Draw the Line”

grado music

“Where to Draw the Line” by Grado (the solo project of Michael Bloss) is expansive, though it may not sound that way at first. The urgent acoustic strums at the beginning resemble a fellow UK outfit, a very familiar one in Mumford and Sons. Like that group, Grado knows how to let a song breathe before a huge finish. However, it should be noted that Grado rocks way harder than Marcus Mumford and co. — resulting in a sound that’s more satisfying in general.

Airy electric guitar dissonance peeks in from the start, but it isn’t until the end that they arrive in full force. Between the crashing cymbals, rolling drums, and guitar fuzz “Where to Draw the Line” becomes a starkly different song, but it’s all the better for it. This is a journey of different moods, from beginning folky creaking to the rockin’ fuzz around the three-minute mark. It’s all pulled off very well.

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