Posted April 1, 2016 by Andy Belt in Folk

Lights On Ceres – “Fly”

lights on ceres

With “Fly”, Lights On Ceres sound as weightless as the song’s title would suggest. The Mexican duo of Alberto Espinosa and Pablo Zarate strike a balance between electronica and straight-up funk for a spacey jam that cruises like a chiller cut from George Clinton’s Parliament (especially with those opening warped vocals and spoken-word monologue). The seductive guitars, funka-licious bass, and emerging percussion that follow are all held together by top-notch production, to boot.

The pair’s limited use of synths adds to the atmosphere and never detracts from the main focus of the band: their rock instrumentals. The bass line is the most prominent sound here (this is space-funk, after all) but when everything comes together, the results sound like a cosmic celebration. Keep an eye on this duo for sure, and take a listen to their other four great singles as well below:

Andy Belt