Ramsey – “2am”

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It’s hardly surprising to see LA-based experimental pop artist Ramsey beginning to climb in popularity (her new track “2am” reached 100,000 plays in less than two weeks), so although she’s certainly beginning to eclipse obscurity, it’s likely this is just the beginning. “See You Bleed” was great in its own right, though new single “2am” shows an increasingly accessible yet still idiosyncratic approach again emphasizing Ramsey’s vocal versatility, but unlike “See You Bleed” opting not to center around an enjoyably raucous chorus; instead, “2am” rides on an effervescent vein of nocturnal synth-pop with sporadic buzzing and dark dubstep-oriented effects. It’s a slightly different approach, but one that should continue to expose this talented riser to a broader audience, particularly the sort who want immediate accessibility but still enjoy some idiosyncratic charm.

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