Posted April 15, 2016 by Andy Belt in Tracks

sleeperzzZ – “Bones”


The clinking music boxes that kick off “Bones” by LA indie pop duo sleeperzzZ instantly concocts a breezy soundscape that floats like a daydream on a hazy summer day. sleeperzzZ is the new project from Steven Vernet (who was formerly in the band White Arrows) and Kelly Gibbons, who takes the lead on vocals here.

Running just under the 02:30 minute mark, “Bones” is like a daydream; it comes and goes all too soon. “We like the way that you sway,” sings the duo with mellow confidence on the track’s refrain. Well, we like the way this song sways, too – sounding effortless, but filled with importance. It’s an aquatic slice of summer-y electro-pop from a project with ample potential.

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Andy Belt