That’s Right! – “Nothing”

thats right band

“Nothing” by four-piece rock outfit That’s Right! has the sway of Phish, but the guitar crunch of a ’90s alt-rock legacy. Their music is made for the lawn seats, as well as for those front-and-center in the pit. What starts out as a calm, mid-tempo jam erupts into guitar squalls and cymbal crashes by the song’s climax. The blistering solos sear through the noise and showcase the guitarists’ enviable ability. Even though they’ve only been playing for two years, That’s Right! sound like a confident, tight unit. At over seven minutes long, “Nothing” is a journey, but one you’ll be glad you took.

The more psych-leaning “Tiger Lily” is equally excellent, with a fiercer and more direct rock sound from this NY-based act. It also features Tyler Kamen on vocals, while Griffin Novie is on lead for “Nothing”. They both have different but similarly effective deliveries and songwriting approaches, adding even more colorful versatility to the group’s sound. Stream “Tiger Lily” below:

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