Tomás Doncker – “The Mess We Made”


tomas doncker

We’ve featured Tomás Doncker projects multiple times in the past, ranging from his own singles like “The New Day” and “Spoonful” to other artists he’s worked with and/or produced, including Charlie Funk, Lael Summer, and Marla Mase. Needless to say, he doesn’t need much of an introduction at this point. New-ish track “The Mess We Made” is the veteran “No Wave” staple’s suave-sounding but politically charged success. Aiming to capture the “bitter realities of modern America”, the track sees soulful vocals gliding easily over psych-friendly organs, brass stabs, and a wonderfully composed final minute with ample orchestral variation, as Doncker sings about swimming in the “social media mud”, the “poisoned sweet Kool-aid” from modern media, and ultimately “the mess we’ve made.” Especially in this election cycle, it’s a solid and timely effort and yet another fine addition to Doncker’s catalog.

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