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Charles Maynard has made a successful and lengthy career as a songwriter/lyricist for many projects, most recently for True Groove Records, where his “Charlie Funk” alias has contributed to multiple projects. After aiding in so many collaborations, it seemed logical for Maynard to step into the solo light. He finally does so with a Give Me a Groove, a five-track release (with one remix), that features spots from various guests (Tomás Doncker, Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton, James Dellatacoma, and Marla Mase) accompanying Maynard’s funky songwriting and passionately concise vocals.

The songs provide a nice glimpse into Maynard’s versatility, from the synth-tinged funky raucous self-titled track to the darkly hypnotic “Lunch in Babylon”, where ominous vocal progressions and a robotic-like waitress detail a rather unpleasant and anxious dining experience; it starts infectiously enough, before descending into chaotic darkness in the final minutes, with screaming effects, roaring guitars, and a ghostly vocal choir adding to a well-constructed atmosphere. Maynard shows both infectious funk-laden charm alongside atmospheric versatility throughout Give Me a Groove, which can be streamed below:

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  1. A throw back to authentic funk but groovy enough for our times! I am feeling this! I love all tracks but – Lunch in Babylon, Sexie Cutie and Give me a groove are my favorite!

  2. Charlie Funk is the future! Love the tracks especially Not unusual, Give me a groove and Sexy Cutie. Master of many styles.

  3. Joe Kool Sanctions This!!!!! Gene Singleton would Be Proud of This Endeavor!! Charlie Funk Pours Out an In Pour for The Core!!!!

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