Weird Pennies (Of Raleigh) – “Permanently Brand New”

weird pennis raleigh

If their half-parenthetical band name didn’t give it away, Weird Pennies (Of Raleigh) are slightly off-kilter. The synth lines that kick off “Permanently Brand New” add a quirky juxtaposition to the booming drums and poppy guitars. Weird Pennies have a knack for melody, but they’re far more interested in creating a bizarre atmosphere that recalls the ’90s- a time when being weird in music was the norm.

The lead vocals are understated and distant, making the singer, Thomas, feel like more of an outsider. Once the guitars and crash cymbal kick in by the final chorus, they only intensify the frontman’s existential angst. “Permanently Brand New” is off a two-song single that was released last fall. Weird Pennies recently put out two new songs again in January. Stream “Life/Career” as well below:

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