Posted April 1, 2016 by Andy Belt in Tracks

Wild Year – “Setting Yourself On Fire”

wild year music

The music of Wild Year conjures up imagery of California sunsets and endless summer days. This sonic imagery and the quintet’s synth-rock sound is best captured in “Setting Yourself On Fire”, from their album Creatures (released in February); its an anthem with quieter verses that give way to a spacious chorus, filled with enjoyable fuzz and a soaring melody; it’s fondly reminiscent of the group Stars.

With driving drums and swaying, reverbed guitar, Wild Year really emphasize the “rock” in synth-rock. Frontwoman Cole Morrall has a delicate voice that rises to reach the the sweeping instrumentals around her. Their debut album is filled with high points, but “Setting Yourself On Fire” is what takes this band to new heights.

Andy Belt