Baron & Byrne – “Silver Beetle”

baron byrne

Despite the two names, Baron & Byrne is actually the moniker for one Joe Doris, a London-based singer-songwriter. “Silver Beetle” showcases Doris’ haunting harmonies, sounding straight out of the psych-pop heyday with the theatrical strings and fluttering acoustics. Delicate guitars and minimal drums keep all the attention on Doris’ voice as his distant melodies weave in and out, sounding like a nostalgic dream draped in flourishes of warm orchestral passion.

Doris sounds hazy and distant, but the emotion that runs through his lyrics and vocals is still present. “Not quite reality,” Doris sings repeatedly in the chorus, and he seems to make good on his words. On “Silver Beetle”, he takes us to a place that is certainly far from the ordinary. It’s a majestic chamber-pop trip through psychedelic enjoyment. His other new track, “I Suppose It’s Fine” (below), captures similar magic in a lusher, more acoustically-minded form — reminding of Fleet Foxes’ haunting folk harmonies in the best way possible.

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