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The Moonlight Club – “Words In Gold”

moonlight club

The Moonlight Club is a band of extremes. The Montreal-based trio’s song “Words In Gold” jumps from brooding verses to a chorus that flows with confidently soaring glee, chugging along in jangle-pop bliss. Frontman Francois Royer Mireault (who also plays the scorching guitar) mournfully sings and heightens the emotion of every line.

A layer of reverbed gloom covers the guitars, but the ’60s and Americana-esque melodies bring levity to the track and prevent it from being weighed down. The music conjures up imagery of a driving through a desert during the middle of a storm. There’s a sense of beauty, but also a looming sense of danger. The contrast is well-executed and provides for a refreshing and continuously invigorating effort.

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