Post Death Soundtrack – “You Can’t Go Back”


post death soundtrack

Certainly possessing an apt name, Canadian trip hop/psychedelic rock trio Post Death Soundtrack craft a consuming dark sound on new track “You Can’t Go Back”, which rides on creepy organ-synths, dramatic vocal murmurs, and cinematic production effects (like the halted percussion around 02:10) to create a soundscape that is nocturnal in nature, much like the work of Depeche Mode, or – more recently – Bowie on Blackstar. It’s spacious and dripping with ominous foreboding. Post Death Soundtrack’s new album, The Unlearning Curve, is described as “equal parts Alice in Wonderland, J. Krishnamurti and dream language”, a return after a three-year hiatus that shows the band pursuing psychedelic elements within their dark vein of industrial rock and electronica. There’s no bright effervescence to be found here, but the consistency in what’s being delivered from a mood standpoint keeps this one going strong.

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