Spine of Man – “Vampires”

spine of man

Spine of Man is a power-pop trio from Copenhagen, Denmark, with multiple influences within the same realm showing between verse and chorus; while the verse resonates with the melancholic jangle-pop of The Smiths, the chorus lunges into lively and relatively joyous hook reminiscent of The Church’s more shimmering efforts, with the jangle-pop twanginess remaining, yet in a more illuminated light. In keeping with the title of the track, “Vampires” opens with the line: “Lie down with me in my coffin”. A grim invitation, but this is a love song with a darker twist. And what’s a love song without a little bite to it? “I wanna taste your loving heart again,” is sung during the shimmering chorus, the band balancing just the right dosage between sickly sweet love and true professions. As the band states, “some vampires need blood – but all I need is your love.”

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