Trails and Ways – “My Things”


trails and ways

We last heard from Trails and Ways back in 2012 with their track “Tereza“, a successfully quaint effort with post-punk rhythms and angelic vocals that led into a powerful chorus with impressive backing vocal use. New track “My Things” sounds somewhat like the same group, especially with the effervescent guitar tones and delightfully minimalist yet concisely effective rhythm section, but this one contains more production polish and hook capabilities, with the core hook – “I don’t wanna l-, wanna l-, wanna live without my things,” – floating on serene male-female vocal duet, enhanced even more by the deliciously twangy guitars. Trails and Ways always manage to pull of something that sounds initially understated, but with a growing ear-grabbing tendency to become stuck in your head for a long while. “My Things” has been on repeat for quite a bit, and it’s certainly good to hear from them again.

Says Trails and Ways’ Keith on the track, band’s relatively new stylistic direction, and upcoming album: “We recorded the album on the cheap and fast as we could, and went for a rawer, hotter dream-pop sound; there are live drums on every song, over-driven guitars, and rippin’ melodic bass from new member Kendra. “My Things” was the first song I wrote for the record, and feels like the right introduction to the cheeky spirit and more rock n roll sound we’re heading in”

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