Brandyn Burnette – “State I’m In”

brandyn burnette st louis

We featured the stunning work of Brandyn Burnette just over a week ago, with the spine-tingling beauty “Karma“. It was a stunning effort that was among the top in our monthly compilation, and now Burnette has yet another track out in “State I’m In”, which just premiered today on All Things Go. While still lush and atmospherically convincing, “State I’m In” certainly feels looser than the darkly entrancing “Karma”, poppier and more falsetto-laden in its stylistic and vocal delivery. Produced by Burnette with the aid of Griffin Fornell (Småland), the track expertly navigates into a sleekly contagious chorus, which is capped by slick guitar work and exotic-sounding strings that would make Andrew Bird smile. Burnette’s vocals alternate throughout, varying in intensity, but are constantly powerful and stylistically apt – especially at just before the two-minute mark, when the strings and percussion glide alongside his vocals for a truly powerful hook, something fairly common with Burnette’s impressive songwriting abilities.

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