Collin Cairo – “Junkyard Moondog”


collin cairo

Collin Cairo’s individual style sounds very alive, featuring “analogue synths, unconventional guitar, operatic vocals, and Jamaican dub samples with a retro-futuristic homme fatale sound”, whose memorable sound combines nicely with some very Panda Bear-like hypnotic vocals and atmospheric hooks. Both worldly exotic flair and modern glitch-laden electronica converge for a futuristic and infectious result on new track “Junkyard Moondog”, which touts an early dub vibe led by Roland’s Juno-60 and Yamaha’s DX-7, the output defined as an “unconstrained self-celebration.” The track shows the LA-based Cairo as one likely to quickly ascend in the art/synth-pop niche, with his exuberant sound primed for attention.

Mike Mineo

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