Eagle I Stallian & Quilla – “Get It Right”


eagle stallian quilla

Although Eagle I Stallian are generally more known in hard-rock circles and Quilla is an electronic producer/lyricist, both projects converged for a very beautiful result with the track “Get It Right”, “a powerful piece about what makes us human, inspires us to love, and drives us to push forward.” With Quilla writing the lyrics (as she did for Tiësto’s “Close to Me”) and song alongside Eagle I Stallian’s trance production, the song journeys from soothing aquatic-like relaxation into club-ready trance just after the two-minute mark, with the build-up leading to a nice melodic eruption at 02:44. More trickling synths are added when it comes around again two minutes later, resulting in an anthemic conclusion for this well-polished electro-pop joy.

Mike Mineo

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