Fire to the Stars – “Wholesale Slaughter”

fire to the stars

Aussie group Fire to the Stars have an impressive debut called Made of Fire, recorded with producer Casey Rice (Liz Phair, Tortoise, the Dirty Three) and aiming for “glorious, cinematic melancholia, designed to simultaneously soothe and despair.” It succeeds brilliantly on album highlight “Wholesale Slaughter”, where haunting vocals (with a ghostly sorta Stevie Nicks tone) work alongside deep guitars and resonance into the gorgeous rock-laden submission, around 01:46 — a stunning hook for certain. From this point the track takes off into blissful heights, reminding of Fleetwood but also of native legends The Church in the atmospherically gripping blend of jangle-rock, creeping folk, and all-out atmospheric awe.

“Wholesale Slaughter” is a deeply impressive track from Fire to the Stars. Stream their excellent debut, Made of Fire, in full below:

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