Mixophrygian – “Through Nothing”



Daði Freyr is an Icelandic synth-pop producer based in Berlin, whose project Mixophrygian showcases a lush and relatively funky sound guided by his deeply sonorous vocals and impressively sleek production. Treading in a similarly nocturnal and ice-cold electro-pop realm as the likes of Sally Shapiro, Junior Boys, Benji Hughes, and James Blake, Freyr’s sound throughout new track “Through Nothing” blends infectious pop smarts with trippy electronic soundscapes, traversing through patiently developing verses into a brisker “but I hope” hook that reminds me fondly of Dent May’s funk-laden transitions. “Through Nothing” represents Mixophrygian’s first release since his 2015 debut, though Freyr also plays in the group Lesula, who released their debut track “Reinickendorf” earlier this year. Both projects show great promise.

Mike Mineo

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