Kid Flicks – “The Ocean”


kid flicks

“The Ocean” is a fantastic new track from Kid Flicks, just released today. We previously featured the upbeat piece of ethereal pop “Don Quixote (Death Was A Letter Never Sent)” from this project – the work of Athens-based producer, songwriter, and graphic designer Nickos Dervisis. The even more impressive “The Ocean” shows a different stylistic take: glistening, aquatic and worldly electronic pop, with a psych-pop tinge in the effervescent chorus. The track begins with rather minimalist percussion and synth bloops, with the backing vocal clips and guitar additions around the 30-second mark showing the path to a wonderful hook, which starts around 15 seconds later as yearning for ocean-swimming and blue skies becomes evident. The playful percussion and sun-tinged guitar work provide a sense of summer-bound breeziness that makes this excellent effort both timely and infectiously irresistible, stylistically reminding of Animal Collective’s more accessible work (especially in the vocal delivery during the bridge) as well as Vampire Weekend’s Afro-pop infusion. This is an excellent track from Dervisis and a perfect cure for the Monday blues.

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