Mons Vi – “Want Me Too”

mons vi jane goodall

Another great one from Mons Vi, “Want Me Too” begins with suave lushness that almost recalls Latin jazz-pop with its shuffling percussion and gentle guitar twangs, like an ethereal lo-fi Steely Dan. The chorus – “and I want you to want me too” – provides just the right amount of variation to keep things easy-going yet enthralling, with the dual vocal approach here proving resoundingly effective for this particular setting. Its re-emergence just before the two-minute mark goes without a hitch as well, reminding a bit of the group Little Joy’s island-set indie-pop restraint. This is a different stylistic turn than previous efforts like “American C.R.E.A.M.” and “Falling“, but just goes to show the Brooklyn-based project’s successful eclectic reach.

Mike Mineo

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