Posted August 18, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Features

Eagle I Stallian – “Origin”

Eagle I Stallian

A few months back, we featured Eagle I Stallian’s growing transition from harder-rock to the more electronic side, aided by producer Quilla on the track “Get It Right”, “a powerful piece about what makes us human, inspires us to love, and drives us to push forward.” “Origin” is a thunderous track continues the group’s growing fascination with the progressive and trance genres, the track’s pulsating percussion and heavenly synth pads resulting in a stark contrast between light and dark that proves very enjoyable. From the weightless synth pad around 02:40 to the dubstep-y drop at precisely the four-minute mark, this is a nicely eclectic effort that shows Eagle I Stallian as growing impressively stylistically diverse by the day. This is another commendable stylistic maneuver.

Mike Mineo

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